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Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting

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Electronic Luminescent Lighting, is also called EL lighting, electroluminescent lighting. This is a technology which was firstly used in US submarine 30years ago, then it was used for civil use including: backlight, posters, lighting decorations, and many lighting applications. We offer various of el lighting products include: el panel, el wire, el backlight, el poster, el tape, el inverter, el mask, el tie, el car sticker, el light up X display,...
  • EL Light Poster

    EL Light Poster

    This type of el light panel is used for displaying advertising or posters by electronic luminescent technology, super thin(around 0.8mm thickness), comfortable and impressive light, ideal display to make your logo outstanding. It can be used at subway, bus stop, inside car,...Read More
  • Table Stand EL Poster

    Table Stand EL Poster

    This is a kind of el poster which can stand up on table of car, shop, super market, bar, night club, cinema... very new design in 2018. There is a PVC base at bottom to hold up el poster, and thin PVC board at the back of el poster.Read More
  • Shapecut EL Panel

    Shapecut EL Panel

    This is shapecut light up el panel, el foil, size 75cm x 75cm, flash from head to end. The shape of el panel is custom available, cut by laser or metal mould. Maximum size of laser shape cut can be 120cm x 80cm.Read More
  • Light Up EL Tape

    Light Up EL Tape

    Light Up EL Tape, EL Strip. This type of light up el strip is flexible and super thin, around 0.8mm thickness, colors, shapes, sizes are custom available, and also available to light up in water with a special transparent tube. Good material for DIY designs. Ideal light...Read More
  • Epoxy EL Panel

    Epoxy EL Panel

    This is a new type of el panel using epoxy, this epoxy layer is transparent and soft, as it is transparent, the light can go through easily and brightness won't go down, as it is soft, it can protect the el panel well from pressure, crashing or scratching, and it has much...Read More
  • Light Dash Board

    Light Dash Board

    This is light up el gauge, also called el dash board. It is available to do any custom light up dash board in various of colors.Read More
  • EL Keyboard

    EL Keyboard

    This EL lighting keyboard uses el foil as light source and available to install on game keyboard, laptop keyboard, remote control keyboard,... Various of lighting color available: white, blue, green, aqua,... We have 5sets full automatic production lines, the biggest...Read More
  • EL Flower Box

    EL Flower Box

    This is lighting up flower box using el technology, powered by AAA or AA batteries, or rechargeable polymer lithium batteries. We can add lighting up foil on all types of flower cases or boxes, and this lighting function makes the flower box more impressive and amazing, and...Read More
  • EL Paper Box

    EL Paper Box

    We can light up your box by electronic luminescent ( el ) technology, the light effect is very impressive, ideal method to upgrade your packing quality. Powered by 2AA batteries. Function include static light up, slow flash, or quick flash.Read More
  • EL Tin

    EL Tin

    This is light up EL tin, it is also called EL metal can, EL metal case. There is el panel on front cover, and el inverter inside.Read More
  • EL Wine Bottle Sign

    EL Wine Bottle Sign

    This is light up el sign el sticker on wine bottle, impressive light effect, luxury lighting, ideal item to make your brand outstanding. Waterproof. Shapecut. Powered by 2AAA batteries.Read More
  • Transparent EL Panel

    Transparent EL Panel

    This el foil use tranparent ITO sheet, looks special. Common people may be surprised how this transparent foil can light up. It is good lighting material to stick on glass window for shop, supermarket, real estate,...Read More
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