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Common Brightness EL Backlight

This is common brightness el backlight, brightness is 80-100cd/sqm, half lifespan 3000-3500hours. We offer various of size from A9 to A0, and various of colors: blue, green, aqua, white,... Top quality.

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Common Brightness EL Backlight



Brightness is 80-100cd/sqm.


Size is custom available.

Regular size is A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0.

Key material is made in US.

Colors can be white on pink off, white on white off, blue on white off, green on white off, aqua (blue-green) on white off.

The white light can be pure white as an option.

Lifespan: 7000hours


EL Backlight A2


EL Backlight A1


EL Backlight A0


EL Backlight Blue On White Off


EL Backlight Aqua On White Off


EL Backlight Green On Green Off


EL Backlight White On White Off


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