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Optical Fiber Lighting

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Optical Fiber lighting technology used on shoes, clothes, masks, table, ... Fashion and amazing lighting effect, low power consumption
  • RGB Optical Fiber Lighting In Car

    RGB Optical Fiber Lighting In Car

    This is atmosphere lighting in car, made of side lighting optical fiber, the light source is RGB LED. Controlled by cellphone APP, lighting color is changeable. Our cable has side edge which is easier to insert into car gap, no need double adheisve tape, no need glue. The...Read More
  • Weave Mesh Cloth

    Weave Mesh Cloth

    This weave mesh cloth is 100% made of optical fiber, no cotton cloth or other material cloth. Powered by RGB led emitter. Diameter of total diameter: 9mm Width: 40cm. Length: random, custom available. Diameter of each optical fiber: 0.75 Qty of optical fiber: 104pcsRead More
  • Optical Fiber Light Brick

    Optical Fiber Light Brick

    This is a special brick which can light up, the light source is optical fiber inside. The brick itself doesn't have power, there is no power cable or battery in this brick.  The light comes from outside light. When there is daylight beside, it lights up at white. When the...Read More
  • LED Flat Optical Fiber Strip

    LED Flat Optical Fiber Strip

    This led strip use flat optical fiber as guiding material, it can be cut into any length as you like, it is ok to add 1pcs controller at one side, it is also ok to add 2pcs controllers at two ends of flat optical fiber.  The flat optical fiber is transparent, and there is no...Read More
  • LED Optical Fiber Wire

    LED Optical Fiber Wire

    The optical fiber wire can't light up by itself, it just transit the light, and the light source is LED at the end. There are various diameter of optical wire: 0.75mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm,... There are various of shapes: round, flat There are two types of the...Read More
  • Lighting Wedding Gown

    Lighting Wedding Gown

    Lighting Wedding Gown, night glow luminous wedding clothes 1: Material: textiles,optics and electronics fields 2: Lighting Colors: 7 different light colors automatically changing, remote control 3: Power: Rechargeable polymer lithium battery with 3.7v low voltage, USB...Read More
  • RGB Optical Fiber LED Pillow

    RGB Optical Fiber LED Pillow

    Optical Fiber Pillow, luminous night glow led pillow Material of this light up pillow is optical fiber, using RGB LEDs. It is ideal lighting product used in KTV, night club, bar, party, festival, dinner. Impressive lighting, just looks like stars, mythic. Colors include:...Read More
  • Lighting Up Shoes

    Lighting Up Shoes

    This is new design of led optical fiber lighting up shoes in 2018. Using optical fiber as lighting material, so it is very safe. Lighting source is LED.Read More
  • Light Up RGB LED Fiber Shoes

    Light Up RGB LED Fiber Shoes

    Lighting Colors: white, blue, green, red, purple, RGB changing,...Read More
  • RGB Light Up Fiber Mask

    RGB Light Up Fiber Mask

    This is very new item in 2017. Light colors include white, blue, red, green, purple, RGB changing,... The colors can be changed by button on inverter. Powered by cellbatteries. CE, ROHS certificated.Read More
  • Optical Fiber Leather Lighting Handbag

    Optical Fiber Leather Lighting Handbag

    Optical Fiber Leather Lighting backpack bag Fashion lighting bag.Read More
  • Night Glow Fiber Table Cloth

    Night Glow Fiber Table Cloth

    This lighting table cloth is ideal product to be used in birthday party, wedding party, dinner, night club, bar, KTV, festival,... Fashion and impressive lighting. Material: optical fiber fabrice, LEDs Colors: blue, green, red, RGB changing,... Remote control...Read More
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