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LED Lighting

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  • Stainless Steel Light Logo

    Stainless Steel Light Logo

    This light up display use stainless steel and resin for frame, it can be used for high end market. Tidy edge, evenly light diffusing, perfect assembling, beautiful outlook, high brightness, impressive lighting, safe material, enegery saving.Read More
  • Flexible Silica Strap Sign

    Flexible Silica Strap Sign

    This is light up silica strip with custom sign or custom logo on it, using light source of LED light strip or EL light. It is ok to do transparent silica or use light diffusing film to make the light evenly diffusing.t tape.Read More
  • Soft PVC Strip Light

    Soft PVC Strip Light

    This is light up strip using soft PVC as frame, and flexible LED strip as light source.  It is ok to do custom logo, custom shape, custom size, and custom color. It can be used as fog light or daytime light of car, it can also be used as light decoration on bags, clothes,...Read More
  • Double Sides LED Neon Flex

    Double Sides LED Neon Flex

    Double Sides Lighting LED neon Flex Frame Material: silicone / PVC Lighting color: mono color / RGB / Digital (symphony)Read More
  • Digital LED Neon Flex Series

    Digital LED Neon Flex Series

    DC12V or DC24V low voltage. Providing magic digital pixel color effect.Read More
  • RGB PMW LED Neon Flex Series

    RGB PMW LED Neon Flex Series

    7 colors changing. Can be bend and cut easily as your requests. Providing one-stop solution for outdoor linear lighting control projects.Read More
  • Mono Color LED Neon Flex Series

    Mono Color LED Neon Flex Series

    No LED dot, no dark spot. Continuous and uniform illumination. Striking and Unique Accent Lighting For building outline. Lighting colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, warm white Frame material: silicone / PVCRead More
  • Silicone LED Neon Flex Series

    Silicone LED Neon Flex Series

    Food grade silicone. 5 years warranty for regular color, 3years warranty for white light. UV, flame and chemical resistance, and IP68 rated. Can be safely located outside even in salty environments.Read More
  • 360 Degree LED Neon Flex Series

    360 Degree LED Neon Flex Series

    Shape: round Beam angle: 360 degree Diameter: 18mm Lighting colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, warm white, RGB, Digital Frame material: silicone / PVC / Clear UV PVCRead More
  • Applications And Projects

    Applications And Projects

    This lighting tube use flexible led strips inside as lighting source, and use PVC or silicone as outside frame. It is flexible, cuttable, and available to cut into many pcs and reconnect, minimum length can be 25mm, waterproof is optional. As this tube is flexible and...Read More
  • Portable LED Sign

    Portable LED Sign

    This light up led plastic sign is portable with rechargeable lithium battery inside. Ideal light material in night club, bar, concert, exhibition, parties, holidays,... The shape, size, and lighting color are custom available.Read More
  • LED Crystal Sign

    LED Crystal Sign

    This is double side lighting led sign using acrylic crystal plate as light guiding material. Use 4K mirror stainless steel frame at upon, and aluminum alloy for slot. Super slim, only 9mm thickness. There are mainly 3 types: hang up from ceiling, hang up on window, table...Read More
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