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This is led light box using fabric as painting material. There are three methods to light up: Light guiding plate, edge light, backlight.
  • LGP Fabric Light Box

    LGP Fabric Light Box

    This led light box use LGP technology (acrylic crystal light guiding plate), this LGP is used as backlight, the light source is led strips from four sides of light box.Read More
  • Back-lit Fabric Light Box

    Back-lit Fabric Light Box

    This led light box use led backlight as lighting, as you could see from pics below there are many led strips at the whole bottom.Read More
  • Edge-lit Fabric Light Box

    Edge-lit Fabric Light Box

    This led light box use edge lit technology, there are led strips at each side of light box, the painting use fabric material. There are various of shapes: rectangular, round, hexagon,... other shape is custom available. There are two types: single side lighting, double side...Read More
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