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New Items include led cilia, led mustache, led shoe, led balloon,..
  • Rechargeable LED Badge

    Rechargeable LED Badge

    This lighting chest badge is rechargeable, light source is LED. Setup charge is $0 and MOQ is 1pcs for custom logo. Application: Uber or LYFT drivers, taxi drivers, waitress, hotel, restaurant, exhibition, ktv, bar, club, cafe, welcome, birthday party, regular parties,...Read More
  • Collapsible Road Cone

    Collapsible Road Cone

    This is a special road cone which not only has reflective lighting tapes to give safty warning, but also has LED lighting around the body to give additional safey warning, so that you can always see it no matter there is light or no light there, meanwhile it is collapsible...Read More
  • LED Bar Mat

    LED Bar Mat

    This is lighting up PVC bar mat using LED module at the bottom as light source. When customer sit up at your bar table, this PVC mat can protect the wine bottle and cup from crashing or slipping, and the light is amazing, good mood light to talk and drink. It is ok to light...Read More
  • LED Car Floor Mat

    LED Car Floor Mat

    This is lighting car floor mat using led module as light source. You can use 1pcs inverter to drive 2pcs or 4pcs floor mats. The flashing can be sound actived, so that it flashes when there is music in car. You can also use remote control to change lighting colors. It can...Read More
  • LED Mouse Pad

    LED Mouse Pad

    This lighting mouse pad using led as light source. Both light up at the edge and center. Bottom  material is acrylic crystal. Input USB 5V. It is ok to imprint custom logo. Color can be single color or RGB. Size custom available.Read More
  • LED Cap

    LED Cap

    This is lighting up hat, with led screen foil at the front. Powered by polymer lithium battery which is rechargeable. The light letters can moving forward all the time, or just keep static light up.Read More
  • Remote Control Submersible LED Light

    Remote Control Submersible LED Light

    This led light is waterproof and you can simply drop it in water of glass bottle, glass cup, fish tank, swimming pool,... You can even use it as night light in bed room. There is a remote control to control colors and on/off, and you can use 1 remote control to control many...Read More
  • Remote Control LED Wristband For Concert

    Remote Control LED Wristband For Concert

    This is a special led light wristband used in concert, party, night club, bar,... Thousands of led bracelet can be controlled by a special control table. You can use the control table to have different colors and different flashing ways. Custom logo available.Read More
  • Light Up LED Balloon

    Light Up LED Balloon

    Luminous led balloon, ideal light decoration in party, dinner, night club, bar,... Various of lighting colors: blue, green, red, white, RGB,...Read More
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