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Luminous Lighting

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Luminous Lighting, night lighting, fluorescent lighting.
  • Night Glow Shoes

    Night Glow Shoes

    This is South Korea style night glow shoes, using luminous material, light up without batteries.Read More
  • Luminous Skate Shoes With Thunder Lightning

    Luminous Skate Shoes With Thunder Lightning

    This shoe has the design of thunder and lightning. Glow without batteries, using luminous material. Shoe frame colors can be black, silverRead More
  • Luminous Shoes For Lovers

    Luminous Shoes For Lovers

    This light up lover shoes can glow at night without batteries, with luminous material at shoe sides and bottom. There are 3 colors of the shoe cloth: black, gold, whiteRead More
  • Luminous Shoe

    Luminous Shoe

    This is night glow shoe with lighting shoelace and lighting logo. Light up without battery or power source. Use luminous or fluorescent technology. Custom logo available.Read More
  • Luminous Mask

    Luminous Mask

    This night glow mask can light up without batteries. Light up for 5-8hours. Custom logo is available. MOQ: 200pcsRead More
  • Luminous T-shirt

    Luminous T-shirt

    This night glow T-shirt use luminous material or say fluorescent material. No need battery. Lifespan can be more than 30years. Light for 5-8hours each time when put it under sunlight for 5-15minutes.Read More
  • Luminous Caps

    Luminous Caps

    Luminous cap, night glow cap. This cap can light up without power or batteries. Use fluorescent luminous material.Read More
  • Luminous Lighting Bag

    Luminous Lighting Bag

    This bag use luminous technology, it can light up without batteries. The luminous material suck light at night or under light, and light up in dark by itself, no need batteries. Custom logo available. MOQ is 1set.Read More
  • Blank Luminous Tape

    Blank Luminous Tape

    This is lightign up tape. Lighting colors can be orange, orange-red, blue, blue-green(aqua), green. There are two types: blank luminous tape, or luminous tape with guiding arrow.Read More
  • Luminous Tape With Guiding Arrow

    Luminous Tape With Guiding Arrow

    Lighting up tape with arrow, used for exit guiding or other special guiding in dark.Read More
  • Luminous Foil

    Luminous Foil

    This is light up foil, no need batteries.Read More
  • Silicone Luminous Wristband

    Silicone Luminous Wristband

    This wristband was made of silicone with luminous material, it can light up in dark, no batteries.Read More
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