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  • RGB Optical Fiber Lighting In Car

    RGB Optical Fiber Lighting In Car

    This is atmosphere lighting in car, made of side lighting optical fiber, the light source is RGB LED. Controlled by cellphone APP, lighting color is changeable. Our cable has side edge which is easier to insert into car gap, no need double adheisve tape, no need glue. The...Read More
  • LED Crystal Sign

    LED Crystal Sign

    This is double side lighting led sign using acrylic crystal plate as light guiding material. Use 4K mirror stainless steel frame at upon, and aluminum alloy for slot. Super slim, only 9mm thickness. There are mainly 3 types: hang up from ceiling, hang up on window, table...Read More
  • Rechargeable LED Badge

    Rechargeable LED Badge

    This lighting chest badge is rechargeable, light source is LED. Setup charge is $0 and MOQ is 1pcs for custom logo. Application: Uber or LYFT drivers, taxi drivers, waitress, hotel, restaurant, exhibition, ktv, bar, club, cafe, welcome, birthday party, regular parties,...Read More
  • Collapsible Road Cone

    Collapsible Road Cone

    This is a special road cone which not only has reflective lighting tapes to give safty warning, but also has LED lighting around the body to give additional safey warning, so that you can always see it no matter there is light or no light there, meanwhile it is collapsible...Read More
  • EL Light Poster

    EL Light Poster

    This type of el light panel is used for displaying advertising or posters by electronic luminescent technology, super thin(around 0.8mm thickness), comfortable and impressive light, ideal display to make your logo outstanding. It can be used at subway, bus stop, inside car,...Read More
  • Table Stand EL Poster

    Table Stand EL Poster

    This is a kind of el poster which can stand up on table of car, shop, super market, bar, night club, cinema... very new design in 2018. There is a PVC base at bottom to hold up el poster, and thin PVC board at the back of el poster.Read More
  • LED Poster

    LED Poster

    LED poster is ideal tool to light up and display flashing posters. And it is replacing el posters in some fields, because LED poster is much brighter than el poster, much longer lifespan, much less brightness decreasing, and more ecofriendly compared to el posters.Read More
  • Programmable LED Poster

    Programmable LED Poster

    This is intelligent LED poster, with LED diodes on the whole surface, it is ok to change flashings by WIFI or USB cable, it is ok to do custom flashing by yourself by a professional software. Only two sizes are available at this moment: A2, A1Read More
  • Backpack LED Billboard

    Backpack LED Billboard

    This is a kind of portable and moveable led poster with rechargeable lithium battery inside, you can carry this poster at your back and walk around.Read More
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